American Biodiesel Buyers Club, Corp.

In partnership with the EcoRotary Club of Morro Bay:


Visit the San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority website for more details.


Information on how to earn a tax deduction by donating your commercial Waste Vegetable Oil .

Here: WVO Tax Flyer (PDF).


Universal Access Grant Fundraising Campaign

Major Sponsors

WVO Donors

Our donors believe in sustainable biodiesel! Please support us by giving them your business.

  • Jaffa Café, 1344 Park Street, Paso Robles, CA
  • Giovanni's Fish Market, 1001 Front Street, Morro Bay, CA
  • LoLo's Mexican, 2848 Main St., Morro Bay, CA
  • The China Dragon, 2780 Main St., Morro Bay, CA
  • Creeky Tiki,  782 Higuera, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Fattoush, 5 Santa Rosa St. , San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Jaffa Café, 1308 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Jaffa Café, 206 E. Branch Street, Arroyo Grande, CA
  • SLO Brew, 1119 Garden Street, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Mountain Valley Express, Santa Maria, CA


Who Sells Sustainable Biodiesel?

People's Fuel

In San Luis Obispo County, residents can buy biodiesel in bulk from People's Fuel. Their fuel (B99) is 100% American-made high quality, sustainable biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil (wvo) and delivered by a licensed California supplier (San Francisco) in a vehicle running on biodiesel. All taxes are paid at the time of delivery, and the supplier is fully registered to deliver biodiesel to those able to store it.

Yokayo BioFuels

Yokayo Biofuels is a biodiesel production and distribution company that has operated out of the Ukiah Valley in Northern California since 2001. They are committed to ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

Sacramento Biodiesel Network

They are the local provider for biodiesel in the Sacramento area. They have a website that provides more information regarding their unique buying club.


Hazards of exposure to diesel fuel

According to the EPA, "Air pollution from diesel engines, especially fine particles, can lead to serious health problems for adults. Children and elders are at even greater risk. Children are especially at risk from diesel emissions because their lungs are still developing and their faster breathing rate increases the amount of exhaust they inhale. Exposure to diesel exhaust has been linked with an increased risk of premature death, more hospital admissions for heart and lung disease and aggravation of health conditions such as asthma."


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