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AmbioClub was formed in April, 2010 as a charitable organization that educates biodiesel buyers on how to open access to sustainable biodiesel, how to protect themselves from fraud, and how to purchase, use and store biodiesel.  Biodiesel (B100) methyl esters is an alternative fuel made from natural, renewable sources, such as new and used vegetable oils, for use in any diesel engine. Sustainable biodiesel is defined as biodiesel that was produced from waste vegetable oil (WVO), organic crops, or non-crop sources.

We are, first and foremost, biodiesel buyers. Our non-profit (501c3) organization operates with the understanding that most current and potential biodiesel users do not make their own fuel, but rather, buy their fuel from a licensed retail vendor. In addition, we understand that these buyers want to purchase high quality, American-made, inexpensive, well-tested sustainable biodiesel from a pump near their home or work, and from a supplier they can trust to not rip them off or give them a bad product.

Secondly, we love sustainable biodiesel. Consequently, we offer educational programs and materials to help buyers understand the benefits of using sustainable biodiesel and how it reduces air pollution, asthma, and cancer rates, eliminates dependence on foreign oil and is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Finally, we are a clearinghouse of information. We are happy to educate the public on what we know about biodiesel and the biodiesel marketplace so that buyers can make informed choices when purchasing, using and storing biodiesel.

AmbioClub's goal is to promote open access to sustainable biodiesel by creating multiple independent Chapters that will bring biodiesel users together. These Chapters will disseminate accurate information about sustainable biodiesel to the general public. Educational materials will provide information on how to buy locally, as well as how to store and use biodiesel products.

Contact the Board of Directors at 805-215-0956 for more information on how to form your own AmbioClub Chapter.  


Who sells sustainable biodiesel?

People's Fuel

In San Luis Obipso County, residents can buy biodiesel in bulk from People's Fuel. The fuel being offered is American-made high quality, sustainable biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil (wvo) and delivered by a licensed California supplier (San Francisco). All taxes are paid and the supplier is fully registered to deliver biodiesel to those able to store it. http://www.peoplesfuel.org/storage.html


Sacramento Biodiesel Network

They are the local provider for biodiesel in the Sacramento area. They have a website that provides more information. http://www.sacbiofuels.org/ 


The American Biodiesel Buyers Club, Corp.

Margo Camilleri, President